Who can do the course:

Lay health workers
Community health workers
Peer counselors
Health navigators
Health promoters
Health coaches
Assistive school personnel

The PEEPS™ diabetes program ensures that learning is a shared experience in a connected, peer-centered, safe, and empowering environment. These program qualities are essential to achieving both transformative learning and health behavior change. The inclusion of community boards in the PEEPS™ curriculum ensures an added element of interaction, which enhances the shared experience and allows educators to provide instant feedback and positive reinforcements.

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The principles of transformative learning embodied by the PEEPS™ curriculum include creating a learning environment that contributes to building self-confidence, self-respect, and self-esteem; lessening the disempowering effect of traditional teaching strategies by involving adults in their learning and decision-making and encouraging the formation of symbiotic relationships that support new perspectives/behaviors.

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Non-credit course: Certificate awarded upon successful completion of all 7 modules.

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Audience: Intended for para-professionals such as lay health workers, community health workers, peer counselors, health navigators, health promoters, health coaches, and family members with an interest in diabetes self-management education and support.

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Course Meetings: Online Only

Length: 7 weeks

Effort: 1/2 hr per week (Self-Paced).  All 7 modules must be completed within 4 months of signing up for the course. For individual modules, the module must be completed within 1 month of signing up for the course.

Options are available for 3 modules specifically designed for lay persons or healthcare professionals.

Price: USD 199.00 for 7 weeks

Course Organizers: BeMyPEEPS

Subject: Diabetes Self Management and Education

Level: Introduction (Level 1)

Language: English

Prerequisites: They are no prerequisites for Level 1

Availability: 24/7

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