Pour & Sip Voucher


This voucher entitles the recipient to hang out and spend some time chatting over beverages.

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  • People who are having a truly hard time or feeling depressed tend to make excuses and try to avoid spending time in a social setting.
  • Depression can impair a person’s social skills, making them withdrawn, and feeling less like being around others.
  • Showing up for your loved ones even when they don’t know how to ask is an important way to be there.”
  • Include your loved one in your plans and continue to do so gently, even if they resists your invitations
  • Invite your loved one to sip on their favorite drink as they pour out their troubles. It gives you an opportunity to socialize with them in a setting of their choice.
  • https://www.parents.com/health/mental/random-acts-of-emotional-support/
  • https://www.mentalhealth.gov/talk/friends-family-members


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