PEEPS™ Diabetes Education Program

Your home for diabetes self-management and education.

Diabetes is the seventh leading cause of death in the United States.

Over 30 million Americans have diabetes, projected to rise to 44.1 million by 2034. Rural and minority communities face healthcare barriers that limit their access to proper care.

PEEPS™ uses online Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support (DSMES) and trains peer educators to increase access to care in at-risk communities where certified diabetes specialists are limited.

Be our PEEPS™

PEEPS™ stands for Peers Educating, Empowering, and Providing Support and its aim is to empower persons living with diabetes and those at risk for diabetes. When you complete the 7-weeks online curriculum, users will become certified “PEEPS” Community Peer Counselors. PEEPS™ peer counselors will be qualified to conduct their own peer-led community group meetings and in turn empower even more people.

The PEEPS™ Course is perfect for

anyone who has an interest in learning more about diabetes in an organized way and gaining useful tools for managing the condition.

You will find valuable resources and support that will empower you and improve your quality of life going forward.

Newly Diagnosed

Are you struggling with managing your A1C, blood pressure or cholesterol levels?

People at Risk

Are you at risk for diabetes due to a sedentary lifestyle, family history, poor nutrition, or excess weight?

Healthcare Professionals

Are you a healthcare professional who wants to improve your knowledge of diabetes?

Support Providers

Do you have a friend or family member who needs your help and support in managing diabetes?


Are you looking to reduce readmission costs by improving patient education and self-management?

Our Curriculum

The PEEPS™ course introduces core concepts of diabetes self-management education and prepares you to be a Certified Community Peer Counselor. You will learn the types of diabetes, culturally-appropriate diabetes support, behavior change, reducing risks, and social determinants of health through engaging videos, quizzes, and assignments.

Module 1

  • Orientation and Introduction

  • Types of diabetes: Definitions & Guidelines

Module 2

  • Cultural-Appropriate Diabetes Support and Barriers Across The Life Span

Module 3

Facilitating Behavior Change to Support Self-Management

Module 4

  • Self-Management Education: Making Real-Life Recommendations

  • Healthy Eating to Maintain Target Blood Glucose

  • Physical Activity

  • Monitoring and Problem-Solving for Improved Diabetes Self-Management

  • Understanding How Diabetes Medications Work

  • Reducing Risks

  • Living Well with Diabetes

Module 5

Successful Self-Management of Diabetes: Improving Access and Coordinating Care

Module 6

Social Determinants of Health: Supporting Healthy Communities and Equal Access to Quality Healthcare

Choose The Best Package For Your Diabetes Education

PEEPS™ Complete Interactive 7-weeks Course with Online Coaching



/one time

PEEPS™ Complete Interactive 7-weeks Course with Online Coaching



/one time

Persons Living with Diabetes



/one time

Healthcare Professionals



/one time

Frequently Asked Questions

What is  PEEPS™?

PEEPS™ is an online course designed to facilitate peers to educate, empower, and provide support in the diabetes community.

How long is the  PEEPS™ course?

You can complete the  PEEPS™ course in one eight-hour session. You must complete all seven modules and coursework within four months of signing up for the course.

What is the language of instruction for the PEEPS™ course?

Only available in English at this time.

Can I register my company or organization for the PEEPS™ course?

Yes! Fill out our contact form with your name, organization, email, and telephone number, and our team will contact you.

Are there any prerequisites for the  PEEPS™ course?

There are no prerequisites or specific level requirements to take the  PEEPS™ course. It is an introduction (Level 1) course open to the general public.

What is the format of the  PEEPS™ course meetings?

The  PEEPS™ course is an online course available to anyone with an internet connection, regardless of location.

Is the PEEPS™ course certified?

Yes. A certificate will be awarded upon successful completion, and participants will be known as  PEEPS™ Certified Community Peer Counselors.

What will I learn in the  PEEPS™ course?

The PEEPS™ course curriculum introduces you to the core concepts of diabetes self-management education. You will learn about the various types of diabetes and how to facilitate proactive care for those affected by Type 2 diabetes. You will also learn to assist with education to prevent short and long-term risks and complications.

Learn Diabetes Management

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